Tailor's corrections

If you need help adapting our product to your dimensions, you can order a tailoring correction from us.You can redeem it in any by Insomnia salon and in the online store. The form with the price list of tailoring corrections can be found here
The valuation is made individually. The term of the service is 2 weeks..

Price list
Shortening of trousers 50 PLN
Shortening the skirt/dress 55 PLN
Shortening the sleeves of a sweatshirt/blouse 45-60 PLN
Shortening of the sweatshirt/blouse 55 PLN
Reworking the neckline 65 PLN
Tapering of the dress 75 PLN
Tapered trouser legs 60 PLN
Lock replacement (no lock cost) 50-65 PLN