Privacy policy

§ 1 General provisions


1. This Privacy Policy determines the terms of processing and protection of personal data provided by Customers (also referred to as “Users”) in relation to their use of Services provided by the Online Store at

2. The terms used in Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy.

3. Service Provider makes every effort and takes all necessary action in order to ensure privacy and protection of personal data provided by Users during their use of the Online Store.


§ 2 Personal Data Administrator


1. Personal Data provided by Users relation to their use of Services via the Online Store (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) is administered by the Service Provider, i.e. Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Usługowe NATALIA Marek Pstrokoński, ul. Złotego Smoka 22 lok.3, 02-202 Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as “Administrator”.


§ 3 Rules of Customers’ Personal Data collection


1. Browsing through the Online Store website does not require providing Personal Data by the User.

2. User Account registration, which gives the User access to more features of the Online Store, requires the User to provide their Personal Data.

3. Shopping without registration in the Online Store requires the User to provide their Personal Data.

4. Registration is not possible without providing the User’s Personal Data.

5. The scope of Users’ Personal Data processing includes:

1) User account maintenance and all related Services in the Online Store; the legal basis for data processing is agreement execution (Article 6 section 1 letter b of the GDPR);

2) performance of the sale-purchase agreement; the legal basis for data processing is agreement execution (Article 6 section 1 letter b of the GDPR);

3) marketing activity; the legal basis for data processing is legally justified company’s interest – marketing of own products and services (Article 6 section 1 letter f of the GDPR);

4) processing of complaints, claiming damages and defence in the case of occurrence of mutual claims; the legal basis for data processing is legally justified company’s interest (Article 6 section 1 letter f of the GDPR);

5) sending commercial information by electronic means – only with the User’s consent; the legal basis for data processing is the User’s consent (Article 6 section 1 letter b of the GDPR).

6. Browsing through the Store’s website does not require providing Personal Data; it may, however, involve the use of cookies, depending on the User’s individual settings.

7. Provision of Personal Data by the User is necessary for Service provision within the Store, excluding browsing through the Store’s website. The User is required to provide their Personal Data as failure to do so will result in the Online Store being unable to provide any Services.

8. Users’ Personal Data may be processed in an automated way, including in the form of profiling, provided that the Used has granted consent for such activity. Automated decision-making will be performed based on the analysis of the User’s activity in the Online Store in order to customize shared content and ads as well as analyse traffic on our website. In consequence, the Store’s website content (including displayed ads and recommendations) will match the User’s preferences and interests better.


§ 4 Personal Data processing scope and term


1. The Administrator will ask the User to provide the following Personal Data for the purpose of registration:

1) name and surname,

2) address,

3) email address,

4) remaining data which the User will provide in the registration form or purchase order via the Online Store.

2. Service Provider will also collect data regarding the User’s IP address for statistical purposes, and for faster solving of reported problems.

3. Users’ Personal Data will be kept during the term of provision of Services unless legal regulations assume a longer period.


§ 5 User data management


1. Each User has the right to access their data, as well as to correct, delete, restrict processing, transfer, object to their processing, or withdraw consent at any time without affecting the right to processing performed earlier based on the User’s consent before its withdrawal.

2. Each User has the right to file a complaint to the General Personal Data Protection Inspectorate should they come to the conclusion that their Personal Data processing violates the provisions of the Personal Data Act of 27 April 2016.


§ 6 Commercial information


1. The Administrator may send to the Users, including to email addresses provided by them, commercial information regarding the Administrator’s products and services, as well as other products and services, provided that the User has agreed to receiving it. Each user may revoke their consent at any time.


§ 7 Cookies


1. Cookies are text files placed by the browser on the User’s hard drive in order to store information used for identifying the User or recording the history of User's activity.

2. The Online Store uses cookies, local storage and similar technologies aimed at gathering and processing of Personal Data and operational data in order to customize displayed content and ads, as well as analyse website traffic. Cookies are IT data, saved as files and stored on your user’s device (i.e. your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), which browser sends to the server each time you access a website from this device when you refresh different websites on the Internet.

3. By using the Online Store and setting your browser accordingly, you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree for our usage of cookies and similar technologies, you should change your browser settings or not enter our Online Store.

4. Cookies are used for the purpose of:

1) User identification and correct matching of historical data collected during previous visits to the Administrator’s Store,

2) better personalisation of content and ands to User’s expectations and interests,

3) storing Customer's session (after log-in), so that the Customer won't need to enter the password on every subpage, and

4) helping the Administrator to provide the User with personalized advertising content,

5) optimizing the use of the Online Store,

6) customizing the Store to the Users’ needs, and

7) creating statistics of traffic on the Store subpages.


5. Each User may refuse to consent for placing cookies on their computer, e.g. by applying appropriate settings in their browser.

6. In “Help” section of your browser, you will find instructions how to disable cookies storing on your computer.


§ 8 Security


1. Filling in the registration form is performed through secured Internet connection.

2. However, we advise Users to observe safety regulations. In particular you should keep your log-in and password confidential and never disclose them to any third parties.

3. Please bear in mind that the Personal Data Administrator will not ask you for them in any other situation than during logging in to the User Account. Remember to log out from your account after the end of your session to prevent unauthorized access.


§ 9 Transferring and sharing of Personal Data


1. The Administrator may transfer or share Personal Data with third parties if:

a) the User has agreed for such action, or

b) such action is justified by legal regulations, or

c) it is necessary for performance and execution of the agreement.

2. In the above-mentioned cases Personal Data will be transferred based on the consent to the contracting of Personal Data processing unless legal regulations exclude such obligation. In accordance to the Personal Data Act, contracting of Personal Data processing in the situation described in the first sentence will provide protection of Personal Data at least at the same level as protection used by the Administrator.

3. Data can be transferred to, among others, the following recipients of Personal Data:

1) entities providing Services to the Administrator, including accounting and legal services;

2) software suppliers;

3) advertising suppliers, including the use of such entities’ software;

4) transaction enabling entities, including online and other payment systems;

5) transport companies providing delivery of purchased products.



§ 10 User rights


1. The Administrator provides each User the possibility of removing their Personal Data from the database when requested, as well as in other cases as required by legal regulations.

2. The Administrator may refuse to remove the User’s Personal Data if the User has failed to pay all liabilities to the Administrator or has violated the Terms and Conditions or legal regulations, and storing Personal Data is necessary to determine the User’s scope of liability.

3. Each User has the possibility to view and edit their Personal Data at any time within the scope of the Store operation, after logging in using their email address and password.


§ 11


1. Contact details:

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Usługowe NATALIA Marek Pstrokoński

Kwitnącego Sadu 2, 02-212 Warsaw


E-mail address: